meal plan week 2

How are you feeling this morning? Just one more day of our detox left! Hang tough … you can do this.

If you want to jazz up your water a little bit today, feel free to infuse it with fresh fruit, cucumbers or fresh herbs. This can be a refreshing way to make sure you’re getting your water.

Here’s how: first, if you’re not using organic produce, be sure to peel off the skin. Wash it well to get off any residue. If you’re using larger produce (like pineapple or cucumbers), cut it into small pieces.

Simply add about ¼ cup (you don’t need much!) into your water, and if you have some on-hand, you can add fresh mint or basil for an added kick.

You’re off to a fantastic start! The hardest part is almost over. Keep up the great job :-) 

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